YES!Solutions, Inc., is a versatile grass-roots neighbor-to-neighbor service organization based in New York City.

Founded by Sister Mary Lanning, we fill some of the gaps in the lives of others in our community who are elderly, poor, homeless, sick, grieving, between jobs and between homes.

We are your neighbors, your co-workers, fellow commuters. Your dentist. The guy who details your car. The counterman in the deli. Your fire chief. Your investment banker. The soccer mom who drops your kids off.

Operated 100% by volunteers, YES! is more than a charity. It is an attitude. We know what an unexpected hand means when a mind is spun out with anxiety; when sickness, loss, loneliness zaps every speck of strength out of a person.

We see a need. We figure out how to do something about it. We’re the “Can Do” people.

We give what we have. We do the best we can with what we have.