When human kindness is most desperately needed, we match those who can help with those who need help.

We bring food and clothing to displaced families, hot meals to those who live in doorways of abandoned buildings around our city, long underwear and warm socks to homeless children and their parents when the streets turn cold.

Our StreetCorner Gourmets spend the most cherished family holidays preparing and sharing home-cooked meals outdoors on the street that is Home Sweet Home for far too many.

We find furniture when a rehabilitated mom leaves the world of domestic violence and substance abuse, keeps a job, and qualifies for an apartment. We rent and drive the trucks that move families into new lives along with the handed-on furnishings that start them off in their new homes.

We mentor teens who have never learned how to learn. When we can, we find scholarships. We solicit internships to give them on-the-job experience in trades and professions. We stand by our young people until they cross the goal line and can return to mentor others.

We coach elders through the learning curve in basic computer use, opening up for them the miracles of the internet and e-mail as new roads to visit grandchildren and old friends from an armchair or a wheelchair.

We companion those who are sick and dying. We stay with those who mourn them, helping them along the transition.

We step in as “family” for those who have none. We give them someone to belong to.

We create hope—in the most unlikely circumstances.

Reconstructing lives, like preventing damage in the first place, comes from the same HOPE. YES!Solutions is all about HOPE. We believe there’s more to a man or woman, or child than meets the eye. Time, and HOPE, and a little kindness make the worst life better, one small moment at a time.