Valentine's Day StreetCorner Gourmet on the StreetDate: The Saturday Before Valentines Day OR On Valentines Day IF Saturday Is Valentines Day

The third of the Three Lonely Holidays honored by The StreetCorner Gourmets Whimsical Ways To Say You Belong To US

On a Saturday that always seems to be one of the coldest days of Winter, we invite our homeless and overlooked Valentines friends on the street to share a hot, freshly grilled picnic meal, a laughing, cavorting frigid feast, rocking with live music in the cold.

We bring Abdul’s Halal Grill for an all-day hot meal you can smell on the other side of town.

Our children make sure every guest gets a decorated bag of home-baked Sweet Treats, and a thoughtfully compiled personal takeaway bag of Street Comforts (pocket size toiletries and sanitary products).

We laugh together at the hundred-twenty dozen whimsical signature Valentines Eggs that our mischievous kids have painted. Unique Edible Valentines, they come with very touching messages on them.

We sing and dance on the sidewalk, chat, exchange heartfelt “I Love You” hugs, and send everyone into the night with new hats and scarves and other warmies.

How You Can Help

  • Host a Valentines Eggs party at your home or school. Eggs are cooked, chilled, and decorated on Friday, and delivered to the street early Saturday morning.
  • Knit or crochet headbands, neck warmers, ear muffs, scarves in Valentines colors. Bring them to the street and watch the joy.
  • Bake a gzillion of your favorite cookies. Bag them in small fancy packages – generous one-person portions of Sweet Treats. Bring them to the party.
  • Recruit your friends and family to contribute small (pocket-size) shampoo, soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, facial tissues, hand cream, moist wipes, lip balm, nail clippers. Make up one-person Street Comforts bags (paper, or zip-top plastic). Remember: Homeless people do not have closets. Everything they take with them has to fit in their coat pockets – and they sleep in that bulging coat. No full-size jars and bottles, please.
  • Do you play a musical instrument? Sing? Own a sound system? We arrange for a few professional musicians when we can. We rent a box truck to use as our Sound Stage. Come, perform with us. Make hearts smile.