Thanksgiving on the StreetCornerDate: Thanksgiving Day every year.

All-night Wednesday, all-day Thursday. Help needed all week. Launching our StreetCorner Gourmets winter season in the first of our extravagant, touching Three Lonely Holidays On The Street

We Bring Belonging Back! We bring the holidays to the sidewalk for those who don’t have a home or family.

We prepare a sumptuous hot meal, cooked overnight and delivered hot from the stove to our street corner table which is a bench in a bus stop. We spend the day with our guests, enjoying conversation, companionship, laughs, family histories, and the happy, eager attentions of our own children and grandchildren.

We eat together—turkey, all the go-withs, and enough home-made sweet potato pies to have seconds. And thirds. And take-homes (wherever Home is.)

Original StreetCorner Gourmets recipes, prepared overnight on Thanksgiving Eve in our borrowed B-I-G kitchen and in dozens of private homes; delivered hot to the street by whole families, sharing their meal con gusto.


How You Can Help

  • Cook and bring your family’s Thanksgiving Dinner, using our recipes. Bring your family, too, to serve and eat ONE BIG family meal on the street.
  • Choose one particular menu item and arrange with friends in your community to cook the full quantity we need. Cook it fresh during Wednesday night. Rally a few drivers to bring it hot to the street at 11:00am Thursday.
  • Join our core team at Command Central Kitchen in NYC all night Thanksgiving Eve where you will be inundated with sights, aromas, tastes, and amazing teamwork and camaraderie that power us all to a weary, exuberant finish.
  • Talk to us about shifts. We need late-nighters, all-nighters, clean-up team (Friday, particularly), and early prep of fresh herbs on Monday-Tuesday.
  • Chip-in if you can. 2200 is a lot of meals/$$$$. We break the bank to bring broken lives a few moments of simple companionship and conversation—an exotic meal, together. Half-frozen on the outside, we’re bright and warm inside; different forever.