Selection of GFS InternsDate: March

We develop, with our business colleagues, a 6-week “insiders” experience in the metro-NY financial services sector where our young women and men can see for themselves where their education and work habits can become the platform for the life they want.

Many of our Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner guests throughout the year become mentors to our teens in Boys Hope Girls Hope and other YES! programs, and engage their companies in the internship program.

A dozen or so of our teens each year win the privilege of a “mobile internship” during 6 weeks of summer.

We travel as a team – teens and mentors – 4-5 days a week, a day or two in each of 20-25 financial and legal professional firms as well as insurance and investment companies.

Our teens see for themselves the diversity and unexpected fascination of the world of business and the unique, varied expertise of professionals within each business.

They discover the world of “careers” where they can choose their rung on the ladder, instead of “settling.”

How You Can Help

  • Application Essay by interested Sophomores-Juniors-Seniors.
  • Nomination of Finalists by Staff.
  • Commitment Statements by Finalists and parent/guardian.
  • Staff evaluation.
  • Recommendation Statements for Winners by Staff (for publication).
  • Announcement of Winners
  • Conference and Interview Day with YES!Solutions. Reception with parents/guardians, interns, sponsoring companies.