Date: Summer

A Partnership with BHGH Summer Enrichment Academy and Companies and Professionals in New York City’s Global Financial Sector(GFS)

GFS Interns - Featured guests at NYC’s Financial Sector Free Enterprise Luncheon Cipriani’s – Wall Street November

Young Americans Close-the-Gap Scholarship Fun for GFS Alumni in College

We lead a dozen college-bound teens each Summer, mostly from Boys Hope Girls Hope New York, in a unique immersion in the commercial insurance, risk finance, and investment management sector of NYC’s financial community.

During 6 intensive weeks of summer, CEOs and other senior officers and specialists in 2 dozen companies and professional firms host our GFS Interns Team. Life on the inside of the glass towers of NYC becomes human scale and fascinating.

Dozens of financial sector professionals (and some of their corporate interns) make our teens’ imminent adulthood and self-reliance suddenly realistic, achievable.

GFS Interns are given never-before-imagined opportunities, including personal relationships and offers of personal professional mentoring that can help them succeed throughout college and into a lifetime career.

How You Can Help

  • Come to dinner at Boys Hope Girls Hope.
  • Host our GFS Interns team at your company for one day of Summer. Talk to us about agenda and content.
  • Chip in to cover transportation, meals, and a few cultural and recreational fees for our On-the-Road Interns and their mentors travelling throughout the tri-state NYC Metro area as GFS Interns for 30 days of summer. Average daily cost for our road team of 12 is $300.
  • Cover one day?
  • Volunteer as a mentor or tutor, or a reading-writing partner, weekly for at least one semester.
  • Help us build our Young Americans Close-the-Gap Scholarship Fund to help our GFS Interns alumni with housing and other unfunded college expenses that are not covered by their earned scholarships to private 4-year colleges.