Little Christmas at My Mother's HouseDate: First Week of January

We arrange a surprise visit from the Three Kings to the children whose home is in My Mother’s House while mom is in jail.

We make sure that Moms, who have graduated from the alternative-to-incarceration program and are rebuilding their lives with their children in Hour Children homes nearby, also find gifts and sweet treats at their doors.

We steer hundreds of re-gifted Christmas packages to moms and their children who need the sweaters, shirts, and socks more than we do.

How You Can Help

  • Send, bring, or chip-in for Edibles, Wearables,   Play-ables, in gold foil gift bags.
  • Tuck-in a gift certificate for Mom for a facial, hair-do, or nails at the Hour Children women’s salon where formerly incarcerated moms acquire employment history and new skills, and recover the ability to support their families.
  • Talk to us about special gifts, or if you’d like to join us on a Three Kings shopping spree in New York City’s wholesale district on the weekend.
  • Making a difference works both ways. YOU won’t be the same, either.