Little Americans Play DaysDate: Year Round

Part of our year ‘round Let’s Grow Together series

Tapping into the big hearts of our YES! Teens, we become “the nice Big Kids” to some new-in-the-neighborhood Little Kids. We’re impromptu pizza partners.  We’re kick-around, climb-around, run-around playmates. We add some fun to school holidays—Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day,  Teachers’ Conference Days—and to random weekends throughout the year.

We bridge the gap into Belonging for the newest among us, across ethnicities and ages.

We show our teens and their little playmates that the real  Hope of America is US—getting to know each other, making time to make bridges, playing together, discovering each other’s favorite foods, learning the lifelong privilege and responsibility of being a trusted Go-To Big Brother or Sister.

We help Hope take root in younger newcomers and  their teenage playmates, both , most of whom come from similar beginnings.
Playing with and mentoring the little ones, we give struggling immigrant parents a reason to keep on believing they made the right choice in coming to America, despite exhausting ‘round-the-clock labor, poverty, isolation.

We make “You Never Walk Alone” more than a pop song. We make “America, the Beautiful” really beautiful—up close and personal.

How You Can Help

  • Sign up for a minimum of 3 weekend or holiday play sessions (Saturday or Sunday afternoons and some national holidays) during Autumn, the December-January Holidays, hard-core Winter, Spring Break, Memorial Day weekend. We meet in a designated school yard or public park.
  • Be prepared to run and tumble. Help little English-learners with scooters and trikes/bikes. Toss a ball. Make snow angels. Lie on your back on a patch of grass and tell Y’Know? stories.
  • Share a cable car ride to-from Roosevelt Island. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to the carousel Catch a twilight ice cream cone along the way home.
  • Small groups (2-7 little ones) with some parents and YES!Solutions adult volunteers, and our Big YES! Kids.