Lessons for LifeBeing Developed—Help Needed

Date: Ten Ways to Earn MVP for LIFE
A Partnership with Sports Angels, the business community, Boys Hope Girls Hope, and professional athletes

We’re developing this program with a public Youth Sports Complex, Injured Military Veterans, and our partner youth organizations Boys Hope Girls Hope and Sports Angels. Our goal is a one-day tournament during the FDNY-NYPD Summer Games after a full Fall-Winter-Spring Season of working out together – our BHGH kids, volunteers from active firefighters and police, and our veterans of military service.

Lessons For Life

Ten Ways to Be the Most Valuable Player

First. Learn teamwork. You can’t be your best by yourself.

Second. Work for results. You’ll get the results you work for.

Third. Persevere. Desperation makes your feet run faster.

Fourth. Pick yourself up after each down and keep going.
It’s the only way to get to the goal.

Fifth. Try something new. The worst that could happen
is that it might not work this time.

Sixth. Help others succeed. Give somebody else a chance to score.

Seventh. Enjoy the sweat of success. You will if you’ve earned it.

Eighth. Listen. The voice that you’ve been ignoring might be
the inspiration you prayed for.

Ninth. Win graciously. Lose confidently. You’ll do plenty of both in a lifetime.

Earn leadership. Make sure you’re worth looking up to.

And always remember to take care of the equipment–
body, mind, spirit. You can’t play without it.

How You Can Help

Details will follow as the infrastructure takes shape. Meantime, please call if you’d like to help build the team or coach or volunteer for the year ‘round fitness program, or become a Fitness Partner with our teens and their wounded veterans/mentors.