Your support is invaluable to the work we do at YES!Solutions and any contribution is appreciated. Contributions to YES!Solutions, Inc. are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(C)3. Many companies provide matching gifts. Please check with your employer to see whether your gift to YES! can be matched by a company contribution. Click on the button below to donate through PayPal.

You may also send checks to:

549 West 123rd Street #MF
New York, New York 10027


There’s a spot for you on The YES! Team. YES! volunteers break the patterns of loneliness in urban and immigrant communities and other overlooked places. One person at a time, we bring Belonging back.

The YES! Team brings temporary relief to people who are homeless, poor, not-yet-assimilated, seriously ill. YES! companions and mentors open new doors for kids who are stuck in schools that thwart their potential or in homes that are not safe places to grow up.

Contact us to be added to The YES! Team’s list of active volunteers and to learn about upcoming events and new needs.

Not everything can be fixed; but the paralysis that comes from isolation and despair can be relieved by something as simple as companionship. Every wound, every injury has a core where possibility lies. When someone, someday, touches that core, possibility wakens. If there is another touch…and another…and another, what once was impossible becomes likely. We open the possibility of healing by simple touches; by bringing Belonging back.