Halloween at My Mother's HouseDate: Usually the Last Sunday of October. 2016 = Sunday October 31st.

Call us for time, location, details

Part of our year ‘round Let’s Grow Together series

We make sure the hurting-est pains have a chance to heal, salved by laughter and friends.

We stage a Make-Your-Own Costume Party with toddlers and their older brothers and sisters whose families are rebuilding after Mom’s incarceration.

We play. We improvise on-the-spot costuming, face painting, hairstyles and make-up in the Purple Witch’s UGLY Salon. We pair little artists with teenage partners to paint pumpkins, decorate pumpkin cookies and cupcakes, and serve each other abundant portions of Witch’s Brew (milk and fruit juices).  We make sure our scary little mini-monsters have plenty of zany teens (and a few zanier adults) to chase around the private yard behind My Mother’s House, a home for children while mom is in jail.

How You Can Help

  • Come in your own costume, or make one in our outdoor “Spooky Tree” dressing room for yourself and a few wide-eyed children.
  • We’ll have the basics (stapler, glue sticks, string, ribbon, duct tape, scissors, crepe paper, colored marking pens, face make-up, old fake fur, lace curtains, wigs, animal noses and masks, belts and suspenders, klutzy costume jewelry, over-sized spiders, of course).
  • Bring homemade pumpkin cookies and a tub of icing for the little ones to finish ‘em off.
  • Chip in cash for food and props.
  • Bring some more Improv and Imagination Fixin’s from your closets and under your bed.