Guess Who Is Coming to DinnerDate: A year ‘round seriesof any-night dinner with the teens of Boys Hope Girls Hope in their resident dining halls in Brooklyn

We spend 2-3 hours over an urban prep school dorm dinner every few weeks during the academic year.

We’d like to think that our scintillating conversation and companionship are the big draw, but we are reminded often that 100 pints of Haagen Dazs ice cream, or a dozen-dozen home-made cannolis, or a proud little 8-year old’s personal delivery of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that she and her mommy baked just for us are a much more convincing reason that our teens rank Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner nights as their favorites.

We retell our own youthful victories, ideals, setbacks, romances, opinions. The kids see for themselves the ultimate outcome of who WE are, where we are NOW, and where we hope to be -- and WHAT WE WILL DO TO GET THERE.

We become new adult friends, new Go-To mentors.


How You Can Help

  • Get to know our spunky teens as they discover possibilities and choices they never dreamed.
  • Let them get to know you -- to see for themselves that everyone has known disappointments and failure and brokenness, that most of us know what it is to believe that some personal secret makes us less likely than someone else to succeed.
  • Let them see where your choices and fortitude, your imagination, your risk-taking and persistence have carried you. Think aloud about what you, too, might do differently if you had another shot.
  • Call YES!Solutions to explore available dates or schedule a new one. 212-866-5500.
  • Bring your own favorite dessert X 100.