Dress in a Paper BagDate: A Year ‘Round Invitation (especially at change of seasons)

We recycle new and refreshed clothing to those who need it most – one person, one day’s outfit, at a time.

With no real estate (no warehouse, no storage facility) of our own, we accept one-person seasonal outfits, a few at a time.

In night-time drive-arounds, and through our many interactions in needy communities, we bring fresh and new seasonal clothing of the right size and gender to just the right person.

How You Can Help

  • Impulse-buy new sox and undies, add them to a fresh paper bag along with a refreshed complete seasonal outfit from your jammed closet.
  • Add a seasonally appropriate coat or jacket, sweater, hat, gloves.
  • Staple or tie the bag shut.
  • Tape a picture of yourself on top. Write your approximate size, and a brief note such as,
  • “Hope you like this as much as I did.” Sign your name
  • Walk to a subway station, a bus stop, a church, a major transportation hub where you know people find shelter