Christmas on the StreetDate: December

The second of the Three Lonely Holidays honored by The StreetCorner Gourmets

We Bring Belonging Back – again -- to our street friends who live on the fringes of our city’s extravagant Decembers.

For one cold, heartwarming Saturday, while others party and shop, we make the sidewalks sing.

From shelters, from The Projects and alleys and parks, families and loners and valiant little children discover the magic of Katz’s pastrami in a towering raisin-pecan bread sandwich and a warm apple cider or hot chocolate chaser, followed by clusters of fat grapes, a juicy fresh pear, holiday sweets, and a new blanket to make their nights in cold buildings and frigid doorsteps a little more tolerable.

How You Can Help

  • Donate a new or gently used (laundered and refreshed) blanket.
  • Host a blanket party instead of a traditional holiday party. Ask your guests to bring blankets, gift-tied, with a simple personal note such as “My family and I hope this will keep you warm”.
  • Chip-in for 800 lbs. of Katz’s world-renowned uniquely seasoned and cured smoked pastrami, or 280 2-lb. custom loaves of Eli’s dense raisin-pecan bread, or 2 gallons of spicy honey mustard, or crates of fresh red pears and grapes. Come – BE Christmas with us.