Christmas Blankets and Wheeling Backpacks for the HomelessDate: Part of our ongoing Late Night - Any Night Do-It-Yourself Santa Claus Is USSurprise Parties On-The-Street

While the city parties to piped music and endless buying, we pack a bagful of little things, overnight relief, for temporarily displaced young families, beaten-down veterans of the street, the sick and the broken who survive on the edges of parking lots and construction sites, dark benches and empty buildings and church steps, and late-night subway cars.

We are the unexpected crack in the wall of separation. We stir the ashes of their core courage that has refused to let go. We bring a little light for a moment. We leave a jaw-dropped memory that believing in something more than endurance might actually be worthwhile.

We change their night, and their next day(s).

How You Can Help

  • Drag around a softly stuffed back pack with a towel and wash cloth, soap and hand wipes, a few clean zip-top bags, a blanket, a rain poncho, down-filled vest, hat and gloves. Stash a gift-wrapped package of home- made cookies near the top. Slip a lip balm and tissues into a pocket. You’ll find someone. Call us for best places and times. Or, bring it to us. We’ll do it. YES!Solutions will gladly deliver for them if they will either ship it to us or deliver it to our YES! office.
  • Sit with the old lady on the Broadway bench for a few minutes in the icy cold. Wish her courage and a safe night. Leave your back pack with her. Ask whether she needs anything right now, like hot soup or a slice of pizza from the small bag in your hand. Or, give it to us and we’ll do it for you.
  • Go home to your loved ones, thankful.