Back-to-School-BackpacksDate: Annually, August-September

We assure that children, particularly in single parent families and first generation immigrant families and others in economic need have shoes, sox, sneakers, and school supplies for a full school year.

More than one of our children has taken an over- stuffed back pack tearfully, hugged us, and said, “Now I have paper and pens to share with my Mom. She is going to school, too, so she can get a better job and take care of us."

How You Can Help

  • Fill a back pack with selected school supplies.
  • Add a couple of age-appropriate books.
  • Include a gift certificate to a local shoe store.
  • Add warm pajamas with a note “To keep you warm while you do your homework.”
  • Get a list of items and suggested stores from YES!Solutions, or contribute financially and we’ll do the shopping.