2017 Valentines Winter Picnic-on-the-Street

2017 Valentines Winter Picnic on the Street

We’re getting ready for another sweet day of thoughtfulness, tenderness, humor, compassion, and whimsy on the street again Saturday February 11th – our annual Valentines Winter Picnic-On-The-Street.

The StreetCorner Gourmets’ annual Valentines Winter Picnic-On-The-Street is a tender, kind mid-Winter day of mindfulness of people who are simply . . . COLD.   Cold compounds their already difficult times of hunger, homelessness, poverty, anxiety, and pervasive uncertainty.   Then, WE come along. Shivering, shared, turns into heart warmth and makes the street lovely and lively for a few hours.

Aside from coming to the street to be thoughtful hosts to lonesome grandmas and grandpas and little kids and so many discouraged men and women, all of us – students, friends, staff — can help most by:

Hosting an egg cooking/coloring party on Friday afternoon and bringing your egg creations with you on Saturday for messaging.

Volunteers on Saturday will help write messages on colored eggs. We’ll give 120 dozen freshly cooked and colored eggs. Let’s do it!

Baking brownies and cookies on Friday, too. Baked goods can be portioned and bagged by the Saturday morning crew at the meal site or any other group work space. 400 bags

Anyone who knits or crochets can make warm headbands or ear warmers. 500-800, handmade or purchased, will keep as many hearts and twice as many ears warm

Most important, as always, is the one-on-one personal companionship and conversation while guests wait on line. We can keep 30-40 volunteers busy on the street, simply companioning our guests, conversing, sharing family stories and laughter, listening.

Packaging and assembling donated baked goods and other gifts that arrive at our prep site unsorted/unbagged. We will keep another 30 volunteers busy indoors from 9:30am to about 1:00pm on Saturday, organizing and personalizing giveaways.

Would some of our kids want to perform?  Music and song are part of our tradition.  Tell us in advance so that we can arrange for a rented box truck as our Performance Stage.

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